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Covid Con-spir-acy

These are links to see evidence and videos, testimony, Congressional records and comments with quotes of existing positive law and Constitutional prohibitions concerning these criminal activities.

Find the Documents which you may use, share, amend, change to fit your situation to prevent any forced, coerced or by threat, intimidation, social pressure and threat of loss of JOB.

Doctor Testifies at Senate Homeland Security Hearing
This link is a Congressional record of the “100% prevention” without for profit Bio-Weapon Injection. Thus all those as of this date December 6th 2020, who promote, participate, impose or otherwise mislead anyone into allowing the Bio-Weapon-Injection has already broken the law, engaged in criminal activities and treason, crimes against humanity, genocide and among many 18 USC 241, 242, Articles I through X of “The Bill of Rights”, Amendments XIII, XIV and subject to a 42 USC 1983 suit.


Proposed “Continued Competency Training” Legislation

That anyone holding or applying for, any position or office of public trust, shall take and pass competency tests, every six months, beginning with day and week of application submitted;

as to their

Knowledge, Understanding and Accurate Use,

of the “principles” and purposes

for which “any Form of Government” is “instituted”, as written and in accord with

“The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen

united States of America”,

“to support”

the provisions of

“The Constitution for the United States of America”,

“The United States Code”

and such State Constitution, Statutes, Codes and Policies the position applied for or held, is derived from, purposed for, subject to and “bound thereby”.

A three week, unlimited retake, grace period without loss of position shall be granted upon petition. One month, retake extensions up to six months, may be granted, upon active participation in subject matter training classes and sworn petition from the instructors of such classes as to the good character, integrity and concerted effort by the student, to fulfill the requirements of such office. Failure of tests constitutes incapacity and shall be removed from office upon expatriation of grace period or granted extensions.

Upon sufficient cause, petition or common law claim, granted by petite jury or competent judge, any officeholder of public trust, shall be required within three working days, to retake such competency tests as required herein and shall constitute the new date for their periodic testing.

Testing shall be administered by the oversight division of the position. The tests themselves shall consist of three separate forms;

Knowledge: as in memorization,

Understanding: by essay cross referencing and

Accurate Use: by scenario situations with proper associated activity or restraint, limitations, duties and obligations.

     These forms of testing shall be created, periodically reviewed, amended as necessary and approved by special non partisan elected scholars, non-scholar volunteers, retired legislators, the supreme Court and finally the people, for clarity, content, construction and purpose as may be necessary to accomplish the “effect” of competency to hold any office of public trust to:

“secure these Rights” and “to effect their Safety and Happiness”.

Those that volunteer for any office of public trust, volunteer to be “governed” by these “principles” and provisions, “deriving their just powers” by their consent to be “bound thereby” with honorable intent, maintaining competency and qualification to fulfill the obligations and duties thereof,

without ulterior or selfish motivations.

Periodic testing as required herein is for the purpose of preventing corruption, misuse of any kind or failure to perform as all positions of public trust require.”


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