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Rethinking the Conditioning Cap


Get the important Documents, Highlighted for you. Read and Memorize so it will all work together and make sense

This is a work in progress as are we so check back and see what is updated. Plans are to do a basic set of videos for the newbies and then linking together in some sort of chart so it is easy to comprehend what is on the audios. Please know that all of this is to get you to see the necessity of Continued Competency Training Legislation instituted in your local Governments and only you can do it. Thank you 

First:  Watch this video below (recorded by (one of the best sites for NEWS and interviews)) and then listen to the audios, below.

Number 4 above, needs to be itemized or “chunked out” to create a “stand alone” audio. Just do it by picking the beginning time stamp and the ending time stamp (chunk) and for anyone that is inspired to put “chunks together to make a particular point a certain way or info  discovered which may not be presented, do it and we will post it up for those who are without an hour or three. Perhaps you will discover something a bit … light on convincing or evidence or even knowing about. Yes I do believe all of what has been show to me, however (dreadful word in any legal document), which is why it is best to read from the “finding” first and then the opinion backing (allegedly) the determination of Facts and Law. 

   Now the “Legal system” is merely a subject of law (a wonderful man in Canada says it stands for Land, Air, Water. I say hmm, absent any “disability” which is without confirmation (documentation) or other written evidence of it.. But I like it and it works and fits what Common man understanding of the “LAW” of Creator which “endowed by their Creator with certain (without doubt) un-a-lien-able rights…” So yea it works for me. So as we find in Hale v Henkel (p78-end highlighted yellow) an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law“. It seems that the supreme court of the time as a creation and proper exercise of the laws created in law and fending off corruption (even though you can read that the dissenting Judges were already creating a new narrative of legal ease to replace the “intent” “to secure these Rights” and replace with “negotiate them by the superiority of a chosen few who will interpret the laws how we please to enslave the people and put them UNDER the law, instead of securing them as the “secured party”, Beneficiary and “Endowed” creation for which all “Things” are subject to, Created for and “Bound thereby”. Because once you know you are Creators child for which all things exist, then it will all make sense and how it was Intended to work to reveal the deception of Conditioning has caused us to become the surety for the “mere legal entities”, made “for the benefit of the public”, both collectively and individually for if the rights of even one is infringed then all of are infringed.

The second Article of The Bill of Rights, to me is about my right “to have and to bear arms” so that I may defend you and your family should you be overwhelmed by an advisory, attacker, trespasser, even if in large numbers, having the ability and wherewithal to repel and invasion no matter what uniform they may wear. “or If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured — They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;”

  From my perspective it seems that the source of the deception or rather the means by which they, or the failure or compromising on, forgetting about, failing to apply, allowing a different set of “principles” be used, take “effect”, altering the “Purpose” for which it was created and in effect, LAW and even by the Legal System is in fact “embezzling” the position for purposes not intended, in opposition to the “principles” established by the Trust from whence it is derived. “The unanimous Declaration is “of” the “thirteen united States of America” but the concepts and “Principles” are clearly our Creator putting the concept (by the experiences of having to live by faith, without a King or other “ruler” to rule over) that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with Certain unalienable rights…”. 

    They, as now have to “experience” what it is like to to be so “up to your ass in alii-gators, so as to look up and call on Creator yet again, and find that Creator, as your God is far more reliable than a King or other dick-tator ever was or would be. So here we are up to our necks in the kaka-ball as evidenced by the Deep State, the Spook society the bones and skull brotherhood and all the things people did in High School and College (promoted by the Colleges it appears (for what purposes?)). Thus it is now obvious that it is “We the people”, We the People and basically all of us need to listen, learn, read, watch and do continually, just as our bodies continually produce antibodies, which with covid anyway, is successful in sustaining our lives 99.99?% of the time. Far great-or than man is able to control cars, their eating, drinking, showring, perfumes, chemtrails, corporate and other legal entitles including their Government they have instituted at this time or any time. In fact according the the Founding Trust

— That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,…” and

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, … it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

     So here we are with the need to insure “that this never happens again”.

I believe that by the people learning for themselves what the consequences are and thus it being a ground level by “the people” who will determine themselves to pass the experience down to the generations to come and to institute corrections so to “alter” their Government fundamentally so that it is without fertile environment for corruption, embezzlement, abuse and so forth but instead are “endowed” with the purpose and desire to fulfill the “principles” “any Form of Government” must abide by. Thus it is “self evident” that positions of public trust must have full Knowledge, Understanding and Accurate Use thereof for the Express Purpose “That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among men, …”

    It is reasonably “self evident” that people need constant reminders, recalibration, and re-tested to be sure that they are both “qualified” to be in the position and “Competent” to provide the “person” (persona, principles of purpose, intent and any reasonable testing to insure they are the best, most capable and have the willingness and desire to fulfill the constant  defenses of attacks, disruptions, distractions, misdirection, substitutions and all manner of divide, subdue, weaken, undermine, alter even ever so slightly so to ad up to obstruction by alienation and promoting that which weakens the purpose clearly “expressed” “to secure these Right” and “to effect their Safety an Happiness.” In short, insuring that those in positions of public trust, are in fact Trust-Worthy.

    With the institution of Continued Competency Training (with testing as part of the Training) required to complete satisfactorily to remain in such position of public trust or to enter into it in the first place. Just like any other position of any legal entity, at least successful ones, who are held to their Charter (purpose) All this is accomplished without dog and pony shows where the law Gaetz lost in the BS, propaganda and the guilty get promoted and the victims are destroyed, corrupt “legal process”, without LAW or the ass-semblance of LAW or even in accord with the legal Statutes, Codes, policies, mandates, orders and other “Administrative” processes. So, CCT replaces CCP and any other “regime” which may try to in-field-trait.

   The Supreme and all the other “inferior courts”, Justices and Judges, clerks, Counsel, Assistance and so forth will be essentially “volunteers” who want “to secure these Rights” and “to effect” the peoples “Safety and Happiness” and count it an honor to study and have the Knowledge, Understanding and Accurate Use of the principles the position is purposed for. Evil, Greed, Dishonor, Corruption, misuse, et al will stay far away from even attempting to get into a position of public trust and any who may will find it impossible to complete the training (pass the testing) requirements and everyone else around them knows the law and are delighted to “rout out” any evil or less than honorable intent persons under-mining, diminishing or otherwise reducing the principles or the purpose for which the position exists.

    IN the same manner that cancer is unable to survive in a non-acidic environment, the positions of public trust are a very non-corrupt, non-evil, ultra-accountable environment where the laws and the codes and the statutes are fervently imposed and any unlawful or ill-eagle activity is “nipped in the bud” and all indications show that evil will cover for their inability by “taking their ball with them and not playing in this arena again” in a huff and puff and bravado with insults usually thrown in for good measure. In other words they won’t even try, just as those who have failed to read the law they presumably are intrinsically a part of, well studied in and pondered into the night as to its necessity, purpose, intent and ability to perform its intended purpose or to discover “any Thing” in opposition to the “principles” or which would in any way be “destructive of these ends”, before they vote and sign it into law or vote against it along with all the other volunteers who also do what is just and right and so to do on behalf of the people, “to secure these rights” and “to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

   Blessings all.. This concludes the written part for this “Lesson” and promotion for peaceful corrections getting to the root of the problems and solution to most, at least with regards to this “Form of Government.

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