#1 Audio of Maryland Call – Cracking the Eggshell of Conditioning 



it seems to work best to hear it differently as well as repetition. If one recording doesn’t suit you then find another. They are all different versions of the same message but it takes repeated “different input” to overcome the filters imbedded in us from before birth. If you are lost or bored, try jumping ahead and see if there is some section you like better. remember these are LIVE and as such there is a question that SPARKS a different set of facts that really drives it home. The “Conditioning” has created an “Eggshell” which needs to be cracked and then broken and shed off by you, through reading it, discussing it, relearning it, reading the highlights and quotes and memorizing the “Founding” Trust document and the “principles” founded upon… “Laying its foundation upon such principles”.

    Once you shed the “conditioning” and Replace with truth as evidenced by the very documents that “govern” those who volunteer to serve the people under the public trust and are bound by that contract to do so. Once we the people realize that they are contracted to perform and stay in character of public servant in all things related to the public both collectively and individually and fulfill their fiduciary obligation “to secure these Right…” and use the powers we have granted out of the powers we have endowed to us by our Creator, “in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”. 

      Upon comprehending the power we have as the grantors, creators, institutors, trustors,  makers of “any Form of Government”, then we will require them to be both “Qualified” and “Competent” the entire time in such position of public trust, and as such, we have every right and aught to insure they are Qualified and continually Competent to provide the service required of the position of public trust, as clearly written: “That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among men, …”

     Remember too the more you speak and raise the issues (especially in prayer) the more perfect your speech will become and the more perfect your manifestations will also become. If all you do is ask questions of others and guide the conversation by the questions you ask, then the questions will strive to be answered. So when you offer the truth is will be ringing like a bell. The bell of freedom. “Why are those in positions of public trust not required to be periodically tested as to their Knowledge, Understanding and Accurate Use of the Constitution and the “principles” founded upon? Like any profession where people have to pass tests and interviews. Then, after getting the JOB are evaluated continuously and retrained periodically and tested to insure they are Competent to provide what they are getting paid to do.” or whatever you are comfortable in saying to open the dialogue. 

     Have discussions and then invite them to one of these “calls” where we start off with questions… Many times a good “argument” produces a more perfected concept of the truth of the matter and then how to use it so others can see. The more people that ask questions the more it becomes apparent that it stands as truth. Truth unchallenged is just that “untested truth”, sand unable to withstand the storm. 

   In the end the “Tweet” would be this “If you are without knowledge as to who you are and what you are not, then “for the lack of knowledge my people perish.””.   Blessings to all who seek and act upon finding, are grateful and makes good use of it. All “Things” are to benefit man.

Zoom call: Saturday, September 24, 2022 A.D. with Colin, Gayle, Brian, Belinda, Lori, Jeff and iPhone 🙂