Suggested List of Actions to stop being forced to take Bio-Weapon-Injection or be Terminated


  1. Deliver to legal department of corporate: by hand, email, US Post Office, Postal Service, a copy of the requirement to: “Put the threat into writing.” naming the person who “informed”/threatened you with termination or other intimidation.
  2. Deliver … a copy of the requirement to provide a copy of the clause of your employment contract, wherein you agreed as part of your employment to grant access to your bloodstream. If there is no such clause then here is some of the necessities you will require to renegotiate your employment contract, including but not limited to full liability for any harm done to you, your body, loved ones and all those affected by any disability or death, resulting from the injection. That they will be required to sign a document which provides for a surety bond to assure your protection and full payment for any harm done as a result of the injection and full liability without resistance to a wrongful death suit if death occurs after taking the injection weather or not proven to be a direct cause.
  3. Deliver …. letter requiring them to provide you with a complete list of the ingredients … with this clause in it: “So that I may Exercise my secured tight to “Informed Consent, please provide me with a complete list of the ingredients you wish to inject into my bloodstream along with the known and possible side effects.”
  4. This is optional or may be used in conjunction with stopping the mask imposition as well:
    “Provide me with the scientific evidence supported by sworn testimony and verified Isolation of the alleged “Covid”, “Covid 19”, “Delta variant” or other thing which the “mandate” (not law, as law is made by the people through their Legislators to regulate and manage Government and other “mere Legal entities”) is founded upon.
  5. Further, provide a copy of the Authority granted by the people to impose such mandate, in contravention of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments XIII and XIV, 18 USC 241, 242, 42 USC 1983, 1985, 1986, The Nuremberg Code to which the United States is fully signed on to and several in every State Constitution and State Laws, securing the right of the people from just this type of imposition.”
  6. Deliver the “Notice” “of crimes cognizable of a court of the United States” and to “cease and desist” from continuing to “injure, oppress, threaten, intimidate, and deprivation of enumerated secured rights.

By doing any or all of these it should stop them in their tracks and it lays the perfect foundation for you to sue for far more than your JOB would provide (use it wisely by studying how to invest). In your suit you should bring in as “reliance damages”, your expected pay accumulated along with raises bonuses, health care, etc you had a “reasonable right to rely upon” for your continued employment with the company, along with “subsidiary damages”, “compensatory damages”, “reliance damages”, “actual damages” and the biggest one “Penalty Damages”.

I suggest you bring a “Mass Action suit” as opposed to a “Class Action Suit.” The lawyers in Class Suit get all the money and the guilty go free. But with a “Mass Action suit” the people get their full amount and each and every one has the right and power to Appeal!!!!!

**Doing a “Class Action” through an attorney (at law instead of in law, turning it upside-down to bring the people to their knees, at-turn-knees) is only benefiting the at-turn-knees.

Know also that your suit should include those in positions of public trust that have done the imposing … now, this is a bit tricky but should the defendants say they were following orders then simply suggest they do a “Cross Complaint” but they are still liable for their actions.

However, you as one of the people have a duty “to make known to some Judge or other officer of the United States ..” (18 USC 4) “of crimes cognizable of a court of the United States”.. which your suit will be used for that purpose and make “Record” of that fact so that the Judge, Clerk and an Judicial Officer (which includes “Attorneys”) have been “made known” and failed to take appropriate action as required by the people in 42USC 1985 and 1986 as well as others in your State and the Constitution and most importantly the Founding Document “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America” in which it clearly lays down the Purpose for which “We the People” instituted Government (“mere legal entities”) “That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men,..” Clearly not over men!  (everyone is “man”, “men” some have a womb and thus are called “wombman” or “woman” for short)

Further it is made perfectly clear “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it…” only the creators of something have the authority to “abolish it”.

Pray, repent for failing to study and teach, and failing to manage your public servants. Ask for guidance, knowledge, understanding and the abilities and tenacity to follow through. You CAN and MUST do this else you are an ACCESSORY to the crimes on humanity.


You can alter, change, add, cut and paste all the documents below as you please. After all it is yours. These are mere suggestions based upon years of self study, hundreds of cases and some around the world. Crime is crime no matter where it is taking place. Any country that has “Government” is subject to the people! They, like all corporations and “mere legal entities” are created by man and subject to man. Man is without power or authority to harm, impose, threaten, intimidate or compel any other against their will. They did not create themselves and thus are Created by a Creator to Create. All contracts must be beneficial or it is not a contract nor enforceable. As an inventor we are liable for what we allow our creations to do. As Principles of “any Form of Government” we are liable for what wee allow our Agents to do!

Share and disseminate to all in every corner of the world, In Christ’s Name it is so. To God be all the Glory because once again we the children have allowed evil to take over and now must Repent and Call on our Heavenly Father to bail us out, throw of the evil and give us one more opportunity to get it right and to maintain our institutions, our bodies/Holy Temple, our communities, our Countries and Give Thanks for all that is wonderful.

Should you write something different, better, specific for one purpose etc then please share it back so that we can share it with others. Also, we would very much appreciate feedback so that we may perfect and even intervene in your behalf in your particular situation. Feedback is the life’s Blood of anything being done just as your blood circulates back to the heart and we will circulate back to our Creator which “endowed us with certain (as opposed to uncertain) un-a-lien-able (cannot be aliened, altered, traded, sold, diminished, replaced or infringed) rights, among these are Life (the life you choose so long as you refrain from “trespassing upon anyone else’s rights), Liberty (the right and power to do as you please, when you please, how you please, without any interference what so ever (to secure these rights, Governments are instituted. That is the only reason they exist and “to effect their Safety and Happiness”) and the Pursuit of Happiness”, which we see is in “Positive Law” in 18 USC 241 and 242 “in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege”. A “privilege” is granted by the people to themselves and those in Government are to secure them. They are considered “privileges” only as opposed to “rights” which all men are “endowed” with “by their Creator”. Some countries do not have these “privileges” secured by their Governments, but we do. It is a matter of duty of those in position of public trust to secure them as a right because they are contracted and duty “bound by oath or affirmation to support this constitution,..” to do so.