Covid Con-spir-acy 

These are links to see evidence and videos, testimony, Congressional records and comments with quotes of existing positive law and Constitutional prohibitations concerning these criminal activities.

Find the Documents which you may use, share, amend, change to fit your situation to prevent any forced, coerced or by threat, intimidation, social pressure and threat of loss of JOB.

  •             This link is a Congressional record of the “100% prevention” without for profit Bio-Weapon Injection. Thus all those as of this date December 6th 2020, who promote, participate, impose or otherwise mislead anyone into allowing the Bio-Weapon-Injection has already broken the law, engaged in criminal activities and treason, crimes against humanity, genocide and among many 18 USC 241, 242, Articles I through X of “The Bill of Rights”, Amendments XIII, XIV and subject to a 42 USC 1983 suit.